25 June 2013


Born 1989 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Stas was an intern at  Joris Laarman Lab Amsterdam from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: minifest@staskokkel.nl / www.minifest.nl


Inspired by small festivals and the Dutch do it yourself party scene my designs enable the use of relatively cheap and easy accessible items such as umbrella’s and beer crates for social purposes.


When it comes to materials I have no special preferences. For the moment I use metals, fibreglass and synthetic textiles. My designs aim at clear, simple and light weight constructions that can be industrially produced in large numbers.

Finals collection: MINIFEST


1 Carpet, it takes only four crates to create an ideal place to gather. Stitched synthetic textile with carpet print

2 Tent, nylon deck with holes, pole for keeping up two umbrellas

4 Flower tent, fibreglass, nylon ‘petals’, steel pole. Inspired by my mother’s drying rack the flower tent is a decoration item with its petals up; petals down it provides shelter.

5 Lantern, adjust its length and colour to the moment. Synthetic fibre, wood, metal, LED lights


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