25 June 2013


Born 1989 in Deventer, the Netherlands. Anne was an intern at Pauline van Dongen from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch Health Tec Academy Utrecht.


I’m interested in accessories and shoes. You can see accessories as something added to the body yet apart from it, but I like to conceive them as an extension of the body, forming together with the body a third, new and hybrid entity. My research was on ways to extend my body with all kinds of objects and devices to find such new hybrid forms and on ways to transfer bodily characteristics on objects and materials. The results were starting points for shoe designs that try to break away from accepted standards defining beauty and the abhorrent.


I prefer pliable materials such as leather and latex. I intended my designs as a series of avant-garde experiments resulting in one-offs.

Finals collection: Embodied

All latex shoes have a polyurethane inner with a leather toe and heel. Latex men’s shoes have leather soles and an EVA outer sole. Latex women’s shoes have a pine wood (platform) sole and heel.

1 Latex women’s shoe, red

2 Latex women’s shoe, skin colour

3 Latex men’s shoe, gold

4 Latex men’s shoe, red

5 Latex men’s shoe, silver

6 Latex women’s platform shoe, silver

7 Leather women’s shoe, skin colour

8 Leather women’s shoe, skin colour

9 Leather covered pump women’s shoe, skin colour


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