25 June 2013


Born 1984 in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. Nienke was an intern at Ontwerpduo Eindhoven from august to December 2011.
Contact and information: info@nienkevoorintholt.nl / www.nienkevoorintholt.nl


In my work I focus on products that stimulate and intensify interaction with our environment. In my graduation collection I focussed on our natural environment. What people do, roaming the countryside, seems to be not very different from what their prehistoric ancestors did. They ferret about, picking up stones, flowers and leaves, sometimes taking them home. The former need to survive by the fruits of hunting and
gathering is no longer there, but the pleasurable gratification of a seemingly innate curiosity remains. My designs are intended to enhance the pleasures of wandering and rummaging in nature and to help materialize, store and preserve the memories these pleasures leave behind.    


The materials I use are brass, felt, synthetic paper, polyester and wood. My designs are simple. Production in substantial numbers would be no problem. 

Finals collection: Sleep less, dream more 

1 Falling leave, a kite made of synthetic paper, fibreglass and wood 

2 Leave extender, brass tripod for turning a leave into a kite, polyester tail 

3 Grass whistles, 3 shapes, beech, walnut and pine with steel, 3 pitches 

4 Moss gripper, brass and ceramic dish to keep the moss alive at home 

6 Scent pouch, canvas and yarn 

7 Burdock carrier, brass 

8 Burdock carrier, brass and felt

9 Sleeping cocoon, hammock with top



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