25 June 2013


Born 1989 in Renkum, the Netherlands. Luc was an intern at OAT Amsterdam from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch health Tec Academy Utrecht. 
Contact and information:www.lucaarts.nl info@lucaarts.nl


Combining traditional types of shoes and shoe construction with unconventional materials, iconic elements and printing techniques, I aim for something new in shoe design. I like the world of tradition and social hierarchies to merge with the world of urban life, contemporary hybridity and transgression. I design to twist accepted images and create a new and appealing look for commercial purposes.


I prefer a mixture of traditional materials such as leather and unconventional materials such as tweed, knitted wool en photosensitive ink. I highly value traditional craftsmanship and like to adapt and mix it with new industrial techniques. My designs are intended for the efficient and smart industrial production of well made, affordable shoes.

Finals collection: The archetypal mix, a men’s shoe collection

1 Graffiti Brogues, tweed, calfskin, leather

2 PrintedEspadrilles, calf, EVA, plastic foil, print ink

3 Norwegian slip-ons, knitted wool, calfskin, EVA

4 Sunsensitive gentlemen shoes, calfskin, goatskin, leather, thermoplastic foil, photosensitive ink



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