25 June 2013


This blog contains picture material of the collection items designed by the 2013 graduates of the bachelor course Product Design Artez Arnhem. In addition there is information on their design focus, research, experiments and prototypes

More information: Product Design Artez Arnhem, the Netherlands

Pictures and information on the collection items of 2012 graduates


Born 1989 in Renkum, the Netherlands. Luc was an intern at OAT Amsterdam from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch health Tec Academy Utrecht. 
Contact and information:www.lucaarts.nl info@lucaarts.nl


Combining traditional types of shoes and shoe construction with unconventional materials, iconic elements and printing techniques, I aim for something new in shoe design. I like the world of tradition and social hierarchies to merge with the world of urban life, contemporary hybridity and transgression. I design to twist accepted images and create a new and appealing look for commercial purposes.


Born 1986 in Emmen, the Netherlands. Robbin was an intern at Lotty Lindeman Eindhoven from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: robbinbaas@gmail.com / www.robbinbaas.com


My designs answer the human need for animal company in urban settings. They open the way for the cohabitation of city dwellers with threatened or underestimated spies such as bees, butterflies, redworms and sparrows. Some of my designs are useful to man, such as my beehive and compost factory. All designs offer animals a place to dwell and thrive near people without unnecessary burdens on the environment.


Born 1987 in Maasbree, the Netherlands. Mieke was an intern at Floris Hovers from September to December 2012
Contact and information: info@miekebillekens.nl / www.miekebillekens.nl


I like to play with standard ideas about objects, their seemingly objective function, the principles that organize their storage and display, and their role in our daily routines and social behaviour. My approach may seem ironic. Nonetheless my aim is to rethink items in order to enhance their functionality, appeal and their ability to answer our needs and desires.


Lieke Brekelmans, born 1989 in Venray, the Netherlands, was an intern at Ontwerplabel Vij5 Eindhoven from September to December 2012. Julia Leitmeyer, born 1988 in Speyer, Germany, was an intern at Studio Sybrandy Amsterdam and NEPCO Factory of Doubt Amsterdamfrom September to December 2012


Boredom, hurt, mischief, quarrels and disruption are repressed in today’s risk evading and process obsessed society. This means children and adults no longer learn to deal with taking risks and the feelings that come along with failure such as anger, frustration, emptiness, dissension and pain. Moreover, we no longer learn and take advantage of the liberating and creative force of these so called ‘negative’ experiences and emotions. Our mission as designers is to turn this around by way of an appealing set of tools. We design to challenge, infect and liberate.


Born 1990 in Heerewaarden, the Netherlands. Nienke was an intern at Ecco Leather from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch Health Tec Academy.
Contact and information: info@nienkevandee.com / www.nienkevandee.com


My finals collection is a research project on new forms for women’s shoes. It is based on visualisations of a future in which space travel is a common practice. Space age visualization as a genre has its roots in modernist tradition – take for example the work of fashion designer André Courrège – but is still very much alive today. After collecting and studying this kind of image material my next step was to translate certain of its characteristics into a set of constructions, materials and ways of detailing for women’s shoes.


Born 1987 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Angela was an intern at Ontwerplabel Vij5 from September to December 2011


I’m fascinated by the flexibility and colours of toys and their ability to transform and change the atmosphere of any setting. Why are these stimulating characteristics and qualities limited to toys? It’s my aim to transfer them to furniture in general and make our homes more colourful.   


Born 1991 in Huissen,the Netherlands. Maaike was an intern at Ontwerpduo Eindhoven from August to December 2012.
Contact and information: info@maaikefecken.nl / www.maaikefecken.nl


My ideal world will not be guided by concepts of tomorrow, profits and deadlines. In this world there is plenty of time to escape the rush of everyday life. As a designer my focus lies between product and food design: the grey area surrounding the kitchen as we know it nowadays.My products should offer people the means to grow, pick and catch some of the things they cook and eat. By that I hope to give them the opportunity to actually see, feel and smell the things they put in their mouth, to enjoy and admire it’s growth, scent, shape, colour and living beauty. Along the way people who use my products will notice that being active in gathering their own ingredients can be great fun. Complete autonomy is unattainable and undesirable for the majority of us. Yet a little ‘do it yourself primitivism’ from time to time could be beneficent for all.


Born 1988 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Joris was an intern at Chris Kabel Rotterdam from September to December 2012


Techniques, for construction and production, are my starting point. It’s my interest in techniques that brought me to plunge myself into knotting and twining during the first years of mu studies in Arnhem. The same interest is at the root of my project to use existing industrial techniques and unused industrial capacity to create new products. 


Born 1990 in Willemstad, Curaçao. Juliette was an intern at Onomatopee Eindhoven and Jantje Fleischhut, Amsterdam from September to December 2012


Positioning myself as a design anthropologist of sorts I focus on the way design could play a role in discussions on social and moral issues. I have a special interest in rituals, tradition and the interplay of generally accepted ideas and personal experience. Research on theory, literature and media discussions is an essential part of my design strategy. My products tell their stories via a combination of word, illustration and product visions. They should provide different perspectives and trigger discussions. Exaggeration, symbolism and irony are my tools to incite peopleto establish their own point of view.


Born 1985 in Tuchola, Poland. Anna was an intern at Scholten& Baijngs from September to December 2012
Contact and information: info@quandandquandt.com / www.quandtandquandt.com


I’m interested in accessories that enrich and intensify moments of leisure. The need for such products seems obvious. Pleasant idleness is under pressure. As it is, our lives seem overwhelmingly busy, hectic and noisy. My designs are aimed to address this situation. They’re meant to contribute to what we all need, yet mostly must do without: the enjoyment of silence, rest, intimacy and seclusion, sunlight and the open air. They should be helpful in what Italians call ‘dolce far niente’, the art of doing nothing and a state of mind that is vital for physical and mental recovery and creative thinking.


Born 1989 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Stas was an intern at  Joris Laarman Lab Amsterdam from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: minifest@staskokkel.nl / www.minifest.nl


Inspired by small festivals and the Dutch do it yourself party scene my designs enable the use of relatively cheap and easy accessible items such as umbrella’s and beer crates for social purposes.


Born 1981 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Floor was an intern at the Bas Kosters Studio from July to December 2012.
Contact and information: info@floornijdeken.nl / www.floornijdeken.nl


My design projects intend to redress social relationships. My main focus lies in activating and mobilising people. I design the conditions in which social structures can grow and bloom, and the initiative of users is stimulated. People working and living together can develop undesirable habits and routines resulting in indifference, anger, resentment and aversion. With myself as an intermediary and my projects as a medium, I let participants find out that working together can stimulate or create mutual trust, understanding and positive energy, things that are vital to the wellbeing of families, organisations and businesses.


Born 1990 in Zutphen,the Netherlands. Roos was an intern at Jorine Arnhem from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: roossanders@gmail.com / www.roossanders.nl


I create interior accessories to bond with. Their unwieldiness and the signs of seemingly human imperfections they carry bring home the fact they are not just blank objects. Appealing and repellent at the same time they invite you to consider their embarrassing presence as part of who you are.


Born 1989 in Deventer, the Netherlands. Anne was an intern at Pauline van Dongen from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch Health Tec Academy Utrecht.


I’m interested in accessories and shoes. You can see accessories as something added to the body yet apart from it, but I like to conceive them as an extension of the body, forming together with the body a third, new and hybrid entity. My research was on ways to extend my body with all kinds of objects and devices to find such new hybrid forms and on ways to transfer bodily characteristics on objects and materials. The results were starting points for shoe designs that try to break away from accepted standards defining beauty and the abhorrent.


Born 1984 in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. Nienke was an intern at Ontwerpduo Eindhoven from august to December 2011.
Contact and information: info@nienkevoorintholt.nl / www.nienkevoorintholt.nl


In my work I focus on products that stimulate and intensify interaction with our environment. In my graduation collection I focussed on our natural environment. What people do, roaming the countryside, seems to be not very different from what their prehistoric ancestors did. They ferret about, picking up stones, flowers and leaves, sometimes taking them home. The former need to survive by the fruits of hunting and




Judith Wehmeyer was appointed head of the Product Design department at ArtEZ Academy in Arnhem in 2012. She is co-directing studio BoomWehmeyer, teaches on topics of Design Consciousness in the department and is engaged in the international debate on design education and how design could be practiced.

‘The Product Design Department values ambition, craftsmanship and know-how. Being a successful student to us means making the field of design your own, reinterpreting existing ideas and standards. We ask our students to foster an inquisitive attitude, a workshop mentality and a critical view on the world.


Head of department: Judith Wehmeyer
Coördination: Sander Luske



De Groote Sociëteit, an Arnhem Gentlemen’s club, in collaboration with the department of Product Design Arnhem, annually grants a prize of €4000,- to one of the graduates of the department. The Groote Sociëteit Stipendium supports young and gifted graduates that combine conceptual innovation and idealism with practical entrepreneurship. The stipendium is meant to realize plans and projects by ways of coaching, learning and financial support.  Plans and projects can be related with the field of professional design in its width:  accessories, interior, social research, public space, scenario development and material innovation. The amount of € 4000, - can be spent on the development of new work, research, the costs of prototypes and projects at home or abroad.