25 June 2013


Born 1990 in Zutphen,the Netherlands. Roos was an intern at Jorine Arnhem from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: roossanders@gmail.com / www.roossanders.nl


I create interior accessories to bond with. Their unwieldiness and the signs of seemingly human imperfections they carry bring home the fact they are not just blank objects. Appealing and repellent at the same time they invite you to consider their embarrassing presence as part of who you are.


My collection is made of slip casted earthenware, each item individually assembled.

Finals collection: Chamberwhisperers


1 Three Candlesticks, big version, earthenware

2 Ten Candlesticks, small version, earthenware

3 Four Music boxes, four different versions, earthenware and whitewashed Maplewood, with music box mechanism

4 Book of illustrations, computer drawings

5 Wall Paper, computer drawings





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