25 June 2013


Born 1987 in Maasbree, the Netherlands. Mieke was an intern at Floris Hovers from September to December 2012
Contact and information: info@miekebillekens.nl / www.miekebillekens.nl


I like to play with standard ideas about objects, their seemingly objective function, the principles that organize their storage and display, and their role in our daily routines and social behaviour. My approach may seem ironic. Nonetheless my aim is to rethink items in order to enhance their functionality, appeal and their ability to answer our needs and desires.


I’m not picky when it comes to materials. For my present collection I used wood, plastics and a lot of hog’s bristle, but I worked with metals and ceramics in the past as well. My designs are set up so as to make industrial production in substantial numbers easy.

Finals collection: 45 PCS/Tools for the obsessed


This set of 45 cleaning pieces is for fanatics. No more hiding away your bristles, floor cloth and bucket in the kitchen cabinet or some other damp and dreary place. This set of super tools is a showpiece that deserves a prominent place in your house. Moreover, it’s not only its looks that make 45 PCS stand out. Attach one of the bristles to an electric drill, handle the hammer-like carpet beaters or special scrapers and you will find that 45 PCS was designed for cleaning jobs of unprecedented thoroughness. These tools appeal even to people who deeply abhor cleaning jobs.

1 Dust rulers and dust angle
2 Dust Brushes
3 Pickers
4 Heavy drill bristles
5 Aerial dust brushes
6 Brush pliers
7 Wet scrubbers
8 Light drill bristles
9 Surgical sponges
10 Dust punchers





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