25 June 2013


Lieke Brekelmans, born 1989 in Venray, the Netherlands, was an intern at Ontwerplabel Vij5 Eindhoven from September to December 2012. Julia Leitmeyer, born 1988 in Speyer, Germany, was an intern at Studio Sybrandy Amsterdam and NEPCO Factory of Doubt Amsterdamfrom September to December 2012


Boredom, hurt, mischief, quarrels and disruption are repressed in today’s risk evading and process obsessed society. This means children and adults no longer learn to deal with taking risks and the feelings that come along with failure such as anger, frustration, emptiness, dissension and pain. Moreover, we no longer learn and take advantage of the liberating and creative force of these so called ‘negative’ experiences and emotions. Our mission as designers is to turn this around by way of an appealing set of tools. We design to challenge, infect and liberate.


We prefer materials such as ceramics, wood, brass and plastics. Our designs look like toys to incite curiosity and overcome fear. They all can easily be produced in substantial numbers.

Finals collection: In the sandbox lurks the flue

1 Haarstuk en schaar - Eenmalig te vernietigen / Hair piece and scissors - one shot destruction

2 Spiegel en hamer - Handleiding niet inbegrepen / Mirror and hammer - No manual attached

3 Olielamp - We vieren dat we vallen / Oil lamp -  We celebrate our fall
4 Etagere - Vliegende ruzie / Display – Flying fight

5 Kandelaar - We lachen over onze angsten / Candelabra - We laught about our fear
6 Spitten - verveling baart ondeugd / Spit - Boredom breeds evil

7 Batterijenijsjes - vaccinatie tegen het onbekende / Battery ice creams - vaccination against the unknown

8 Poppenhoofden - Advies: Behandelen / Dolls heads - Advice: Examine


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