25 June 2013


Born 1991 in Huissen,the Netherlands. Maaike was an intern at Ontwerpduo Eindhoven from August to December 2012.
Contact and information: info@maaikefecken.nl / www.maaikefecken.nl


My ideal world will not be guided by concepts of tomorrow, profits and deadlines. In this world there is plenty of time to escape the rush of everyday life. As a designer my focus lies between product and food design: the grey area surrounding the kitchen as we know it nowadays.My products should offer people the means to grow, pick and catch some of the things they cook and eat. By that I hope to give them the opportunity to actually see, feel and smell the things they put in their mouth, to enjoy and admire it’s growth, scent, shape, colour and living beauty. Along the way people who use my products will notice that being active in gathering their own ingredients can be great fun. Complete autonomy is unattainable and undesirable for the majority of us. Yet a little ‘do it yourself primitivism’ from time to time could be beneficent for all.


My designs can be produced in substantial numbers, but right now one of a kind and small batch production have my interest.The way craftsmen work inspirers me, but when my designs asks for it, I integrate finished and semi finished products into my low tech designs. I have a predilection for wood, plastic and ceramics.

Finals collection: BUITENGEWOON

1 Witlofmeubel, a light proof piece of furniture for growing chicory, veneered plywood. Stainless steel, plastics.

2 Fruitplukker, fruit picker for picking fruit out of high trees. Plastics, beech.

3 Appelsapset, apple juice set for grating and pressing apples. Ceramics, plastics.

4 Kiemoogster, a device for growing and harvesting sprouts such as cress. Plastics, ceramics, stainless steel, beech.

5 Vistas, a fishing bag that offers all the tools you need to prepare your catch. The bag is equipped with a cudgel, knife, fish scaler, cutting board, cleaning brush and transparent storage tube. Canvas, beech, plastics.



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