25 June 2013


Born 1985 in Tuchola, Poland. Anna was an intern at Scholten& Baijngs from September to December 2012
Contact and information: info@quandandquandt.com / www.quandtandquandt.com


I’m interested in accessories that enrich and intensify moments of leisure. The need for such products seems obvious. Pleasant idleness is under pressure. As it is, our lives seem overwhelmingly busy, hectic and noisy. My designs are aimed to address this situation. They’re meant to contribute to what we all need, yet mostly must do without: the enjoyment of silence, rest, intimacy and seclusion, sunlight and the open air. They should be helpful in what Italians call ‘dolce far niente’, the art of doing nothing and a state of mind that is vital for physical and mental recovery and creative thinking.


I prefer soft and pliable materials like synthetic foam, plastics, leather and textiles. To process these materials I use simple techniques: lasering, stitching and vacuum forming. My designs are made so as to make industrial production in substantial numbers easy.  

The current collection: Out of Office

A set of products for both in-door and out-door use that allow you to swiftly enter into a gentle bubble of tranquillity.

1 Travelling bag with a neck pillow. Use your backpack to relax, daydream or take a nap.

2 Visor caps. The semitransparent visor casts ‘shadow freckles’ on your face.

3 Slippers shaped as the sand on the beach is shaped by the tide.

4 A torch light: an extra casing around your mobile phone that reduces the multifunctional phone to just one silent function: lighting.

5 A plaid with handles for transport. Thanks to its construction and fibreglass pole it can be transformed into an oversized hood for one or two persons.



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