25 June 2013


Born 1981 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Floor was an intern at the Bas Kosters Studio from July to December 2012.
Contact and information: info@floornijdeken.nl / www.floornijdeken.nl


My design projects intend to redress social relationships. My main focus lies in activating and mobilising people. I design the conditions in which social structures can grow and bloom, and the initiative of users is stimulated. People working and living together can develop undesirable habits and routines resulting in indifference, anger, resentment and aversion. With myself as an intermediary and my projects as a medium, I let participants find out that working together can stimulate or create mutual trust, understanding and positive energy, things that are vital to the wellbeing of families, organisations and businesses.


I realise my projects by choosing the most expedient way. Questions concerning materials or craftsmanship versus industrial production depend on each individual design case.

Finals project: Crossover Collective


An installation (European oak, brass details and wool) that allows six people to collectively embroider a pre-printed netting to stimulate interaction and create memories. (Photography: Louise te Poele / www.louisetepoele.nl). 


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