25 June 2013


Born 1986 in Emmen, the Netherlands. Robbin was an intern at Lotty Lindeman Eindhoven from September to December 2012.
Contact and information: robbinbaas@gmail.com / www.robbinbaas.com


My designs answer the human need for animal company in urban settings. They open the way for the cohabitation of city dwellers with threatened or underestimated spies such as bees, butterflies, redworms and sparrows. Some of my designs are useful to man, such as my beehive and compost factory. All designs offer animals a place to dwell and thrive near people without unnecessary burdens on the environment.


I prefer okoumé, textiles, brass, ceramics and plastics (if necessary). I aim for simple, clear and well constructed design objects that can be produced in substantial numbers. 

Finals collection: Natura culta

1 Beehive, harvesting honey is possible, special facilities for queen bee / Oukumé, metal

2 Worm factory, a housing for redworms, to be filled with fruit and vegetable waste / okoumé, ceramics, brass, rubber

3 Birdhouse for sparrow / okoumé, synthetic canvas, waxed yarn, brass

4 Butterfly pavilion / wood, plastic, brass, natural sponge




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