25 June 2013


Born 1990 in Heerewaarden, the Netherlands. Nienke was an intern at Ecco Leather from September to December 2012 and had an extra training Artisanal Shoe Making at the Dutch Health Tec Academy.
Contact and information: info@nienkevandee.com / www.nienkevandee.com


My finals collection is a research project on new forms for women’s shoes. It is based on visualisations of a future in which space travel is a common practice. Space age visualization as a genre has its roots in modernist tradition – take for example the work of fashion designer André Courrège – but is still very much alive today. After collecting and studying this kind of image material my next step was to translate certain of its characteristics into a set of constructions, materials and ways of detailing for women’s shoes.


Being a probe into new forms, my finals collection has no direct commercial use. This collection is important for my own development as a shoe designer and intended as a starting point for future commercial shoe collections.

Finals collection: Encapsulated

1 Hypogravity, based on streamlined spacesuits, sole and heal are merged in a bimorph shape, lycra sock, pvc

2 Reinforce, a protective cap around the foot, leather, wood

3 Gravitation, half processed leather, formed as it is still wet



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