25 June 2013


Born 1988 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Joris was an intern at Chris Kabel Rotterdam from September to December 2012


Techniques, for construction and production, are my starting point. It’s my interest in techniques that brought me to plunge myself into knotting and twining during the first years of mu studies in Arnhem. The same interest is at the root of my project to use existing industrial techniques and unused industrial capacity to create new products. 


The materials I used for my collection are PVC, synthetic netting and some leather for details. I process these materials with HF lasering and synthetic adhesives. All my designs are created for industrial production in large numbers.

Finals collection

In cooperation with Dolfing Druten, a firm producing professional waterproof coats, overalls, rainwear and waterbeds, I designed and produced a collection of bags based on the simple folding of a shopping bag.

Bags have my special interest because the production of bags could be the answer to unused industrial capacity and bags as technical items pose challenging problems. They should be light weighted and firm at the same time. The design should create a maximum of volume and be producible as well. Meeting all these demands I want my bags to create a surprising new image by purely technical means.

1 Shopper bag, synthetic canvas

2 Sport bag, synthetic canvas

3 Beach bag, synthetic canvas and netting

4 Laptop bag, transparent PVC, foam and netting

5 Crease bags,(synthetic netting and leather handles



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